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The Financial Stability Institute (FSI) was created by the Bank for International Settlements and the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision in 1998 to assist financial sector supervisors worldwide in strengthening their jurisdictions’ financial systems. One of our key objectives is to promote sound supervisory standards and practices globally and to support effective implementation of these standards in all countries. This, in turn, contributes to global financial stability. As such, we serve as an important link between the Basel-based standard-setting bodies and the global regulatory and supervisory community.

We achieve our objectives through our knowledge-sharing platforms, such as our seminars and meetings held in Switzerland and globally, as well as through FSI Connect, our online learning tool for supervisors worldwide. We also organise high-level meetings, bringing together thought leaders and senior policymakers to exchange views on the broader financial policy and macroeconomic implications associated with the implementation of global standards.

In August 2017, the FSI launched a new publication series which focuses on practical financial regulatory and supervisory topics relevant to stakeholders. The aim of the FSI Insights on policy implementation is to contribute to international discussions on a range of policy issues and implementation challenges faced by financial sector authorities, and BIS efforts to promote financial stability through the dissemination of sound policies and practices.

For further information on the FSI and our programme, click here.

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